Delilah Samson

Art Director

Delilah Samson
Delilah Samson

Why did you want to become a hairstylist?

From around seven years old, I started to braid and style the hair of my friends and family. From that moment, I was creating looks with hair everyday!

After finishing the Hair Academy, I wanted to learn more about the hairdressing profession. I am still learning about hair every day and it continues to be one of my greatest passions.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love that I can share my passion with my customers and create beautiful hair.

What advice would you give to people treating their hair at home?

It’s important to do your research before styling your own hair at home. A great place to start is by following tutorials by hair stylists on social media.

My authentic belief is…

I think a lot of things are going to change in the world in which we live. Although it may not be clear now what that change will be, I think it is important that we evolve and move forward.

Hopefully beautiful, new things will happen that will make us more generous with our care for others and encourage us to see things from other people’s points of view.  I hope that we all treat each other and the world around us with more love and care than ever before.

Favorite ABC products: Replenishing Balm, Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Dry Shampoo

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