Mariska Pelsmaeker

Top Stylist & Senior Colourist

Mariska Pelsmaeker
Mariska Pelsmaeker

Balmain ambassador & educator.

Why did you want to be a hairstylist?

I always loved creating looks, so it felt natural to me and the people around me that I would do something in the fashion or beauty industry. I have more than 15 years experience in the hair industry, 10 years of which are specialising in colouring; I have passed my colour master exam and have worked with a range of different brands. From the first day until now (years later!), I still love what I do everyday.

What do you love most about your job?

I am a hairdresser from the heart, which reflects the approach at Mogeen. At Mogeen, we take an organic approach to cutting and colouring hair, and Hester’s Japanese-inspired techniques make our work truly unique. I am also an allrounder and enjoy being able to create a whole look myself.  And I love to build relationships with my lovely clients and colleagues.

Finally I am passionate about fashion. I am always looking into trends from the runway; it is one of my main sources of inspiration and always makes my heart beat a little faster.

What advice would you give to customers treating their hair at home?

I have created a helpful tutorial on how to apply a treatment to your hair so check out my video!

My main piece of advice is, please don’t colour your hair at home. There are plenty of other options, so watch the Insta stories from @mogeen to find out more and if you have a question you can send us a message at any time.

As an extra tip, quarantine gives us a perfect opportunity to wash our hair less and to reduce the amount of sebum produced in the scalp.

My authentic beauty concept believe is…

Together, we all need to be more conscious. We just saw that hairdressers from different locations can still be united as a team during Covid-19. How special is that?! We are all from different cultures but there is nothing that divides us when we all stand together in this fight.

This is also a time for the earth to breathe, which is a beautiful thing. We need to honour this to save our planet.

But honestly, I cannot wait to be back at work again, making more beautiful hair styles and to be reunited with my colleagues and clients.

Favorite ABC Products:  Absolutely Everything

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