Hester Wernert-Rijn

Owner / Global Creative Advocate

Hester Wernert-Rijn
Hester Wernert-Rijn

Global Creative Advocate Authentic Beauty Concept, International Hairstylist, founder and owner Mogeen salon & Mogeen Hairschool.

“Hester, stop cutting the carpet it’s brand new and your mom and I paid a lot of money for it”.

Since I was I little girl I have always known that I wanted to be a hairdresser and considered myself to be unstoppable of course. Braiding, cutting and styling my way through my childhood, my dear parents have always supported me. Be the best in whatever you choose to do, that was my guidance. So after the Academy I travelled the world to learn from the best hairdressers I could find and moved to South Africa.

The fashion world doors opened and I fell in love, I think the feeling was mutual so I worked day and night having so much fun. Working abroad, doing shoots and assist during shows thought me not to be scared of any hair type. I came across so many different types of hair during so many different circumstances I don’t have any anxiety about ‘how’ to cut or style it. When I was started I didn’t really realize how many facets of the hairdressing industry where out there and that it would turnout that I love them all.

I am a International Hairstylist, an Educator, a Salon Owner and I am proud to say I am the Global Creative Advocate for Authentic Beauty Concept. Shooting for Magazines such as Dazed and Confused, Numero, Novembre, W Magazine, Vogue, Harpers’ Bazaar and being chef de cabine for designers such Jan Taminiau, David Laport and Ninamounah makes me happy each and every time. It boosts my creativity. Being able to educate at the Mogeen Hairschool, my team or upon request fulfills me. It’s a true privilege to transfer my gained knowledge over the past 25 years to my students.

Having a salon and a team that works side by side me is a dream come through. My vision and knowledge about hairdressing and styling gets practiced at Mogeen. Couldn’t be more proud, this is my chance to make a difference within in the industry.

Joining the authentic beauty movement, being the Global Creative Advocate for this amazing new brand is my next chapter. It’s Mogeen’s next chapter. We belief in authentic beauty, pure vegan formulas and most definitely a no filter attitude. Let’s keep it real, simple and pure.

Love Hester*

Favorite ABC products: The Replenish Cleanser and the Hydrate Conditioner, The Flawless Primer, Nymph Salt Spray, Hydrate Lotion, Working Hairspray

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